Tuggy in 2016


I have been inspired by other bloggers to share my goals for 2016. I am one of those people who loves to have a plan in place so here goes…..

Goal 1: Grow the Blog

The blog really hasn’t been given the TLC I’ve wanted to put into it especially after I got a 4 week horrendous virus at the beginning of December. Excuses aside I want to make the blog my space to share my thoughts and feelings mainly regarding how much I love and have learned about food! I’m not very tech savvy and I have learned a lot just by having WordPress! So my aim is to get more tech savvy, grow my following by posting some pretty interesting blogs (hopefully) and even making some friends out of this experience as I don’t feel like I know many of the other Edinburgh / Scottish bloggers out there. 

  My blog: Tuggytucksin.com

Goal 2: Relax

I struggle with switching off, whether it’s due to the fact that I have busied myself with too many plans or I struggle to organise everything I have to do in the time I need to do it so as to allow for some switch off time. Also as soon as I feel like I have achieved what I’ve set out to do I get itchy feet again. Therefore I want to get better at finding that switch off button and explore ways of helping me to achieve that all important work:life balance. 

Goal 3: Try Contact Lenses

I have tried contact lenses so many times over the last few years, I’ve cut all my nails off and even at Specsavers New Zealand! My problem is I have no patience, there’s times I like wearing my glasses as they can compliment an outfit 🙂 However it be nice to have the option so I vow to be more patient and persistent next time I give it a go!

  Ditch the glasses in 2016

Goal 4: Have a clear out

Sounds boring but I desperately need a clear out! Since moving in with my boyfriend I haven’t assessed what I really need and what I can do without. Clothes I haven’t worn in the last 6 months or have seen better days will be getting the boot! I’m also terrible at keeping on top of my emails both at home and at work so that’s something I definitely want to get on top of, where’s the unsubscribe button?

Goal 5: Fitness

This seems to be everyone’s goal at this time of year but for me I discovered a fitness class I actually enjoy and have persisted at for once. At school the PE department have put on morning sessions for staff which consists of circuits and body balance at 7am for half an hour and for once in my life I actually attended more than one class! There’s talks of the classes continuing after the holidays and I got some proper gym gear for Christmas so no more turning up in my H&M leggings and Super dry t-shirt.

  Shiny new gym gear

Goal 6: Spontanaeity 

At the time I crashed with my horrendous cold at the beginning of December, I realised I was doing too much and had no choice but to rest for 4 weeks solid (aside from work). This taught me that downtime is good times and I don’t always need to be on the hop. At times I’ve found it hard to squeeze friends in when an out of the blue text comes through asking if I fancy meeting for a coffee that day. Therefore I want to make myself more free and available so that I can take advantage of these spontaneous moments.

Goal 7: Be a tourist in Edinburgh

I’m not entirely new to Edinburgh, being from Bathgate only 25 minutes by train means I’ve done my fair share of things in Edinburgh. Now I’m a resident however I’d like to see more and do more activities so as to truly appreciate this wonderful city and of course blog about them. 

Goal 8: Volunteer

When I was 20 I volunteered for the Samaritans. I did so because mental health is something close to my heart, I wanted to offer at least some solace to those who needed someone to talk to in times of despair. That was 8 years ago now and now that I’m beginning to feel more settled I’d really love to offer my support and time to a worthwhile cause.

Goal 9: Sing more

I’ve already taken steps to achieving this goal in the latter part of last year by joining a theatre group called the bohemians. We are due to perform Legally Blonde at the King’s theatre in Edinburgh from 16th – 19th March, tickets are still available 🙂 I’m just in the chorus but it’s been fab for me to get back involved in musical theatre because I am a massive musicals freak! I’ve always said I’d love to treat myself to one to one singing lessons so maybe now I’m a city girl it will be much easier to follow through.

  Legally Blonde the musical 

Goal 10: Pamper Myself

I don’t get my nails done or do fake tan, it’s time to take time out for me, so I want to make sure I make time to treat myself to nice experiences as much as I can. I feel when I’m working I can let myself get so carried away with day to day priorities that I become less and less important so I’ve booked myself a wee massage and facial at a salon in Stockbridge which I’m very much looking forward to. I’m hoping it will be a step in the right direction to more me time 🙂

 Pamper time

Goal 11: Stop looking through rose tinted spectacles 

Yes 11 goals instead of 10 as 11 is my lucky number! I’ve been fortunate enough to try many things in life, live and work in different countries and have friends all over the globe. Having lived in so many different places in Scotland and beyond, it’s easy to look back and feel a pang of longing to be back where I was, except where I am now really is exactly where I want to be as I never do anything that makes me unhappy – not for too long anyway. So it’s time to take those spectacles off (quite literally if I follow through with goal 3) and live in the here and now and be thankful for all the wonderful things I currently have right now here in front of me. I really am a lucky girl.

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true 🙂


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