Following Our Dreams

In this Instagram, Facebook loving age, it seems that everyone around us is living the life of their dreams. However, for the average person, can dreams really become a reality? I’ve had my head stuck up in the clouds this past year or so, it’s come to the point that I’ve become uncomfortable with feeling comfortable. So this year I’m attempting to make dreams happen. Ive always wanted to head back down-under to the Southern Hemisphere ever since embarking on a gap year in New Zealand.

Now I’ve reached 30, it’s great to be given a brand new decade to fill up with ambitions and plans for the future. I’ve already succeeded in going through with laser eye surgery, something I’d ‘hummed and hawed’ about for the past few years and I’m delighted with my results.

Us Brits get a chance before we reach 31, to embark upon a year long working holiday visa in Commonwealth countries – Australia, New Zealand and Canada. A chance to have a ‘play’ for a year with no emigrating commitment. In theory it all sounds plain sailing but it’s when you start to pack up your things and say your goodbyes that you experience that fear of missing out and missing friends and family. This is something I have done before so why do I feel this way? Truth is, our lives are very happy, full of friends and nice things, it feels like a little bit of a risk casting that aside for a while at the expense of adventure. My boyfriend and I are lucky to have such great opportunities, we both work in professions that are actually on the skills shortage list so we could look into longer term visas if we wanted to somewhere down the line.

It’s nice to take that career break after going back to University 5 years ago and teaching for 4 years, I want to have some head-space to gather my thoughts together to see where I see myself in the next 5 years, whether I’m happy remaining as a home economics teacher or whether I want to head up the ladder to promotion. Personally I feel like I’ve been on a merry-go round the last few years, where I’ve devoted less and less time to my hobbies and leisure time and more to work and it’s nice to have the chance to get off for a while and remember who I am and what it is I want.

Travel is coming to the forefront of my life at the moment, I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand and travel around, as it looks like no other country I’ve ever visited before. Saying that though, there’s loads of places near to the UK that are on my to-do list also. This year will no doubt change us as a couple and as individuals, experiencing new sights, culture, food, friends and jobs. When I remember all those things I feel full of excitement, the hard part is that the more possessions you gather in life, the more packing up you have to do and the more self-doubt creeps in. We are all creatures of habit who function well in routine and I’ve forgotten how to do otherwise. However I know I want a break from it, therefore I’m willing to take the risk (I think), gulp!


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