Second City Coffee


As an avid tea drinker, my love for coffee grew when I moved to New Zealand, those Kiwis are definitely serious about their coffee and so I became that way too! I love seeking out local artisan coffee shops in Edinburgh where I live. However I have never owned a coffee machine of my own so buying coffee beans and making a cup of fresh joe in the house is something I’ve never done. My mum however has just invested in a coffee maker so I hopped along to hers to try Second City Coffee and two of their coffee bean varieties that they have on offer.

Second City Coffee have a real passion for making great coffee. Based in Manchester, their coffee is both ethically sourced and Fairtrade. 

So it was time to get a coffee on……..


So I started with the ‘Nutty Caramel Citrus Single Estate Columbian’ coffee beans. I really liked the taste I was getting more of the caramel nutty flavour whereas my mum was adimant she could taste the citrus. A nice refreshing cup of coffee from these beans. I reckon I would drink this around midday into the afternoon at work or on a Sunday afternoon chilling reading a book. 



On to the ‘Dark Chocolate Red Fruit Peruvian Masterpiece.’ A fuller bodied coffee that I’d be happy to sip on as my morning cup. Rich, smooth but also delicate features, this was my firm favourite.



And so I’m rushing out now to buy my very own coffee machine so I can brew more of Second City’s great tasting beans!

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