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I’ve been in the vicinity of the Festival Theatre on Nicolson Street in Edinburgh, a few times in the last few weeks and the new BRGR restaurant caught my eye.

Anyone who reads my blog will know I’m a burger fan (who isn’t?) check out my post on Edinburgh’s Top Ten Burgers. Situated a couple of doors down from Shri Bheema’s (check out my post on this restaurant) BRGR, with its red and white logo and its message of any burger £4 Monday – Friday or £5 on a Saturday or Sunday I was intrigued. However I chose to opt for the Whistle Stop Barber Shop before seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a couple of weeks ago on the account that I thought BRGR may be a bit too ‘cheap’ and not filling enough for an evening meal.

Thursday night my friend (fellow blogger Life With Clarity) and I needed a quick bite to eat before an event and I remembered BRGR. We arrived to a very packed restaurant simply decorated with lots of wood and metal, clean cut and inviting. We were seated promptly and I was impressed by the good value for money prices. The milkshakes looked tempting but in the end we both ordered the Big Cheese, Sweet Potato fries to share and a corona and lime each. At only £2 for the Coronas I was very pleased that the reasonable pricing didn’t just stop at the burgers. 

We were presented with a ‘hawder’ for our burgers and we had fun assembling them and they brought back memories for me of a burger place called Burger Fuel that I used to frequent a lot when I lived in New Zealand. Coincidently the same burger place where I discovered kumara (sweet potato) fries for the first time (about 5 years ago) before they became a fad in the UK. 

The burgers arrived wrapped in foil with a sticker telling us what type of burger we’d ordered, the portion of sweet potato fries was enough for two and at £2.50, a bargain! The burgers were seriously tasty and I wasn’t expecting much from the sweet potato fries as I’ve yet to find any in the UK that can match up to the Kiwi equivalent, however these gave them a run for their money, they were delicious! All washed down with a bottle of corona, I left feeling content with the amount I’d ate and not too stuffed! However if you want to stuff yourself there’s heaps to choose from from the menu like onion rings, Mac ‘n’ cheese and many chicken sides!
Beverages on offer at BRGR

All in all, I was wrong, this isn’t a place you should pass by because you think it will be cheap and not so cheerful. At under £15 for food and drinks we left with full tummies and smiles on our faces, I’ll defo be back!

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