Artisan Cheesecakes

As a Bathgate native who has recently jumped ship by making the move to the capital, I was delighted to discover that I wouldn’t have to wait until the odd occasion I popped back home to get my cheesecake fix. Lucky for me, and capital dwellers alike, Artisan Cheesecakes has set-up in the city conveniently located in Bruntsfield and the shop overlooks the Bruntsfield Links park which provides a welcome view when sipping on your coffee and tucking into your little slice of heaven.. So what is all the fuss about I hear you ask?

On arrival I was met by the friendly face of one of the co-owners who I recognised from Bathgate. He told me all about how he owns the shop with his mum who is the artist who devises all the recipes. I have been fortunate enough to try many different flavours of their cheesecakes.

The cheesecakes are handmade, produced locally within Livingston and although there are only two stores there are a range of stockists from whom you can buy slices from. This can be found out by entering your postcode under the ‘Find Your Nearest’ tab on their website.

I had eventually settled on the Amaretto Praline with a handmade truffle on top. It had a smooth creamy texture set on a lovely crumbly base I’d come to associate with Artisan’s cheesecakes. As a fan of cheesecake making myself, it was something I just couldn’t replicate in the texture of my cheesecakes! I needed a coffee combination to go with that so I ordered a latte.

This is the Maltesers cheesecake that first got me hooked on to Artisan Cheesecakes.

If coffee is not your thing however, you can purchase ‘posh pop’ as it’s known in the shape of ‘Breckland Orchard’ with flavours ranging from refreshing cloudy lemonade to ginger beer varieties. It is good to see UK businesses being promoted as this company are located in Cambridgeshire.

In the half an hour or so I spent in the shop, the majority of customers came in for a takeaway slice, humming and hawing at the delights on offer, often a phone call was made to friends or relatives to find out what their preference would be amongst the treats on offer. This is something I have found myself doing as I’ve discovered it’s not worth living, returning home with a slice of cheesecake for yourself or even mentioning you’ve been anywhere near the shop and coming home with no cheesecake for people at home results in huge disappointment, that’s how sought after it is!

 One for the road!

For a Monday afternoon I was impressed but not surprised by the footfall appearing through the door. The shop really is something to shout about. Its quaint, cosy décor and soothing 40s style swing music playing in the background make it a nice stop off for some ‘me-time.’ But equally popping in for a couple of minutes to pick-up your takeaway slice to have with a cuppa at home is a quality experience down to the sumptuous taste of this renowned cheesecake. With cute cheesecake smelling candles on offer as well as gift vouchers you can purchase for your loved ones this little treasure is set to make it big in the big city, so get there and grab a slice now!



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