The Bonham

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the deal websites on offer such as ‘Groupon’, ‘Wowcher’ and ‘’. Although it can be a nuisance having copious amounts of emails sent to your inbox each day, scouring these websites have allowed me to experience some fantastic food that I just wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I came across a deal of £24 for 2 people to be treated to afternoon tea with a glass of fizz. The normal price quoted at £50. I jumped at the chance to book, with no specific date or person in mind to go with, I knew I’d use it at some point!

The Bonham is a boutique hotel conveniently situated close by to all the main hubs of Princes street,  Lothian Road and Haymarket train station. I invited my boyfriend’s mum to join me for afternoon tea to which she replied “oh it’s very fancy in there” to which I replied “well we are fancy people”.  And fancy we were, I had reservations about booking at 2pm as it was early in the day and the afternoon tea was served between 2pm and 5pm so I thought the place may be a bit quiet. How wrong I was. On entering the hotel we were directed to the Consulting room described by the hotel as ‘an oasis of calm away from the hustle of the city’. The room was situated at the back of the hotel with only 5 tables, it instantly felt intimate and special. There were already a couple of ladies sipping on their glasses of fizz. We were seated by the window and promptly handed our own glass of bubbles. Right then a gran and her granddaughter in a pretty little dress entered. By the time we left the 5 tables were full. The setting was lovely, it felt like I’d been invited round for tea to someone’s very posh living room.   


We were waited on hand and foot by the hotel staff. We were handed a menu of speciality teas to which we both opted for the ‘Famous Edinburgh’ a breakfast tea described as ‘the perfect accompaniment to scones,’ and that it was. The tea was served to us in our own tea pots very traditional loose leaf tea with lovely little bronze tea strainers to catch the leaves in. I felt like a Victorian lady retreating in the dining room with all the little trinkets and special touches applied to the experience.

We’d drank quite a bit of tea before our goodies were served however this was not a problem as we were topped up with more tea by the staff which is a big thumbs up in my book as there’s nothing worse than cold tea and warm scones! We had an array of savoury and sweet treats to sample. Crust-less egg, salmon and cucumber, and ham cheese and pickle finger sandwiches to start with. Lemon posset with strawberries on top, choux pastry filled with cream. Mini chocolate gateaux and pistachio macaroons. Then 4 big scones, 2 plain and 2 fruit.

      Lemon posset 

We took our time nibbling away and relaxing in the elegant surroundings. We managed everything except 2 scones. We both felt more than satisfied with the amount of delicious treats on offer and there was definitely an element of greed when there is that many lovely sweet things to try! We were impressed by the quality of everything we had experienced from the decor to the Prosecco.

 A lovely girly afternoon

So by chance I got quite a good deal at £24 for all that we had. The deal came back on to ‘’ a few weeks later however I don’t think you necessarily need the deal for this one. At £16.95 per person without the fizz (remember the re-fills of tea) and at £25 for a champagne afternoon tea (check with them, if they’re quoting champagne on their website it may be more than just a glass that you get). It’s a really lovely way to spend the afternoon with your nearest and dearest in intimate surroundings that make you feel like lady of the manor.

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