The Caffeine Drip

I love coffee and was in need of a breakout from my Starbucks rut. I sought out this place based on a recommendation from WOW247Edinburgh’s Twitter page. The Caffeine Drip is conveniently located In the west end not far from Shandwick place. My boyfriend works near here so we often frequent this area of the city for after work drinks at Indigo Yard or the The West Room, if only I’d known a few more steps down the road this little coffee gem was here.

I’ve never been to South Africa but the homage this place pays to its country really makes me want to go! Coffee sacks line the walls as you make your way downstairs to the seating area. Art featured on the walls downstairs really showcase South Africa as does their menu – having gone to Shebeen a few weeks before (a South African restaurant) I recognised the South African fair on offer here. I think it’s fantastic to find a place in the city that taps into lovers of a country as well as the general public, as I could hear South African accents at some of the tables around me. Having lived in New Zealand, I know how excited I get when I can go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and order an L&P! I’d just popped in for coffee and cake but it was clear that there was a lot of lunch custom as it was bang on 12pm when I arrived. I was sat next to two ladies and I could smell the freshness of the salad on their BLTS. I instantly regretted not ordering lunch!

I ordered a large latté and a blueberry and white chocolate muffin (two flavours I had never seen combined before so I was intrigued to try them) with cute mini white chocolate buttons on top. My intrigue did not disappoint, the white chocolate frosting was the perfect consistency for spreading on the drier parts of the muffin so much so I gobbled it down rather quickly with lots of creamy coffee goodness to spare. I also love the fact that they brought me out a rather fancy looking bottle of chilled still water when all I asked for was a glass of tap water. It’s these little touches that I remember.

I loved the rusticness of the interior, the fact that tourists and city workers alike were vying for tables. It’s somewhere I’d love to come back to to spend a Sunday morning chilling with my significant other over really good coffee. Although my muffin was a winner, next time I’ll be having me either one of their packed full sandwiches or humongous salad bowls I seen on offer.

 Sweet deal

One last thing… I noticed this sign on the way out the door. I thought this was a pretty sweet deal, if I worked near here this would be the perfect excuse to fuel my coffee habit!

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