Smoothie Saturday’s 

 Fancy a fruit boost? I’ve been feeling really run down lately so I was in desperate need of some Vitamin C. This is really fun to do with kids too, it encourages them to eat fruit and learn some skills in the kitchen – I did this as an introductory lesson with my new S1 class and they talk about it all the time. 

To my detriment I am not the biggest fruit eater so a smoothie is my lazy way of getting all the nutritional benefits these fruits offer. I had an array of fruit juices in the fridge as well as some natural yoghurt which thickened the smoothie up. 


I peeled and grated some ginger until it was of a minced texture, the benefits of ginger are that it helps your body absorb nutrients and clears your sinuses which is exactly what I needed! I have a hand blender that I purchased for £5 from a supermarket value range which does the trick when blending fruit for a smoothie. However my boyfriend was given a blender for free so we thought we’d try it out for the first time.


And voilá a smoothie in a matter of minutes from any old fruit left hanging around in the fridge with a little natural yoghurt and fruit juice to boot.


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