Bubba Q 

I can only say good things about Bubba Q, I’m annoyed at myself for not taking photos of their beef brisket and pulled pork that I so happily got stuck into on my first visit. I had bought a voucher on old faithful itison.com, which I rely on to introduce me to all manner of new weird and wonderful experiences.

The allure of their meat main and 2 sides (which included coleslaw) was too much to resist. I’d bought it in the January and left it until late on near the expiry date to actually use the voucher and it just so happened, on the evening I chose to go, they had a fryer malfunction whereby their fryer had died! Hence we couldn’t order any onion rings or chips!

A meal without fried goodness I hear you say, how can it be enjoyable?! Well let me tell you, their beef brisket literally melted in my mouth and their pulled pork was all the stickiness and flavour you can imagine, not to mention the mac ‘n’ cheese and BBQ pit beans they plied us with to say sorry. Not only that, they were so apologetic they said we could have drinks on the house as well as being able to use my voucher again and the meal that night was free! Customer service doesn’t come much better than that! Well so I thought, then they surprised me again with how accommodating they could be.

Roll on a couple of weeks later and my friends and I were out for the day for a trip to Edinburgh Dungeon and conveniently situated around the corner was Bubba Q. Armed with my voucher again, 4 of us strolled up and were greeted with the same welcoming atmosphere. I was all prepared to order a meat main again with sides however I was secretly pining for one of their burgers. One of  my friend’s cheekily asked if we could swap the brisket / pulled pork main for a burger and they were only too happy to oblige. So I ordered the Big V, a very tasty and satisfying burger, and it was a veggie burger and I’m not a veggie! Roasted red peppers, smashed avocado, halloumi cheese, crispy onion strings, topped with homemade chilli jam made up my satusfying main, accompanied by my favourite kind of fries – sweet potato!

The Big V burger

Boom Boom (a spicy, Cajun jalapeño offering), Bayou black & bleu and an original prime beef patty were our other burgers of choice, however I quite fancied the controversial dirty donut as I love sweet and savoury together with maple bacon and a donut bun but I was not disappointed with the Big V! Sometimes red meat plus fries can be too heavy at lunchtime so it was nice to have an alternative type of burger. Bubba Q have loads of sauce options which I love as I’m a big fan of condiments!

I’m happy to say that the fryer was fixed second time around and we didn’t hold back on fried accompaniments with sweet potato fries, Cajun fries and onion rings to share.

The lunch options are plentiful and good value for money. Bubba Q is a great location for meat lovers, however there are great options for veggies too. There’s everything you’d expect in an ‘All American’ themed joint from nachos, shakes and wings and with mouth-watering food and great customer service to boot, I’ll be back for more.

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