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I have been wanting to go to The Bach since I learned of the Kiwi inspired restaurant’s existence! As an adopted Kiwi (I did my OE here in 2011 – 2012) I was really excited to get my NZ foodie fix.


The restaurant has lots of nods to Aoteoroa that fans of the country and culture will enjoy.

Even if you’ve never been to the land of the long white cloud, you will adore the food here!

Afghan biscuit & Pavlova

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit The Bach twice in the past few months. I met my Dundonian cousin here back in June for a sweet treat. She had the Afghan biscuit and I the pavlova. It was divine, by far my go to dessert washed down with Lemon & Paeroa, New Zealand’s famous fizzy drink and a town I visited on my travels.

Vegan – Tofu Bao Buns

Today I had the crispy smoked tofu bao buns with kimchi slaw, sesame seeds, coriander, chilli crema & fresh chillies. It was super tasty and packed full of flavour!

Katsu Chicken Fries

My friend Carly had the Katsu Chicken fries topped with cheese, crumbed chicken, Katsu curry sauce sesame seeds & fresh chillies. It proved a popular choice as the table across from us ordered two portions of it too. I can see why, as the sauce was addictive!

Coffee time

Kiwi’s are said to have invented the flat white but their Aussie cousins may say otherwise, along with the pavlova feud. All the same, the flat white was spectacular and tasted as I remember them tasting when I was there.

Tasty treats

I had the Afghan biscuit this time and Carly the ginger crunch.

The Afghan biscuit was particularly good and paired with my coffee perfectly. I was also tempted by the lolly cake – Fun fact, Kiwis and Aussies call sweets lollies, if you didn’t already know!

The menu is extensive and mouth-wateringly tempting! From different eggs Benedict offerings to tacos, burgers (including the signature Kiwi burger), bán mì, bagels and loaded fries, gluten free, veggie & vegan options, there’s lots to choose from!

Bach – Kiwi Holiday home
View from our upstairs table

There’s Kiwi / Aussie snacks you can purchase too if you want to take a slice of Kiwiana home with you from crisps to biscuits.

The Bach Website

The Bach Instagram

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