I’ve been wanting to go to Civerinos ever since following them on Instagram and getting serious food envy from their food pics. They have a set up that kind of reminds me of a great little restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand that I used to go to called ‘Sweet Mother’s Kitchen.’ Although the food offerings are different – pizza & pasta here and a mix of New Orleans inspired food and Mexican cuisine there, the bench-like seating that encourages you to get up close with strangers as you dig in to your meal is much the same. Always a great sign of a place you love eating at if you don’t mind budging up to get your mitts on the food. 

We munched on some breadsticks as we waited to be served as there is a big tin available on all the tables. The menu looked ever so appetising, I’m partial to an egg on a pizza and was recommended ‘the hangover’ – Italian pork and fennel sausage, sliced smoked pancetta, mushrooms, topped off with a soft runny egg, bliss in my opinion. Liking all things hot, Gavin ordered the ‘hot hot sausage’ made up of n’duja sausage, chillies and hot sauce! 

I was really glad to get to eat here as they don’t take bookings unless it’s for a table of 6 or more so you need to chance your luck really. I wanted to go with my brother before going to see Mary Poppins back in May but there was no room so we had to go to Pizza Hut round the corner. 

The decor in here is really funky and quirky and I love their Italian street food inspired light box. There is also a small outdoor space downstairs and more seating which I wasn’t aware of until I went downstairs to use the facilities. They have a great location in Hunter square directly off the Royal Mile right in the heart of the action of the Edinburgh fringe festival. Although it wasn’t majorly busy when we went, probably because we were hungry in-between fringe shows and ate at about 4pm. Out front they also have outdoor seating which is great on that unusual sunny day in Edinburgh.

Their wine options are limited as it is just white, red or rosé. I chose white and was surprised to get it in a small tumbler but friends have since said its the European thing to do! Being street food I may have been better going for a beer to accompany my pizza but I probably still would like a wine if I had opted for pasta. 

There’s no mistaken it, the pizzas were insane. Sourdough stretched thin, layered with lashings of meat and oozing with cheese, I was so pleased! Gavin’s was a spicy one so definitely the option to go for if that’s your bag. I could equally see myself here around 12pm, eating ‘the hangover’ as part of brunch to cure exactly that! 

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