Taste Buchanan

I was delighted to be invited to Taste Buchanan’s launch event at Buchanan galleries, Glasgow.

A street food hub and bar of delicious delights await you at the top of Buchanan galleries. Once a tired food court not dissimilar to any old food court across the UK, it is now a vibrant and modern space which will initially showcase 8 Scottish businesses and there will be change in the coming months as more ‘pop ups’ have their chance to get their brand noticed and loved by the Glasgow public. Even though I am now an Edinburgh resident, having lived in Glasgow myself, I think the only time I’ve been up to the top of Buchanan galleries was to use the bathroom. Now I would be keen to come back for a bite to eat in-between shopping because there is flavoursome, exciting food choices for everyone all in the one area. 

After a busy day of teaching about all things food in my day job, I was hungry! I went straight to Nomad Pizza where I had the chance to taste their ‘pizza of the day’ which was of the ham and cheese variety on a sourdough base. Their pizzas are cooked right in front of you in their wood-fire oven and they cook in 90 seconds! I was interested in their n’duja (hard to pronounce correctly)’ ricotta and rocket pizza. Being a fan of spice, n’duja is a spicy sausage with chillies sprinkled through it. I was very pleased, the combination of toppings that Nomad offer are a little different to the norm which is really refreshing. 

Over to Surf Dogs and I had wee bits of their chilli dog and nacho dog, gourmet hot dogs with all your favourite toppings to choose from, a must for anyone who likes a hot dog!

Chompsky are bringing the Asian twist to the area, fresh steamed bao buns packed with peanut butter pulled pork – an absolute must try! 

From the team of ‘Perfect Parties,’ SlĂ inte Mhath are on hand for your cocktail and craft beer needs, I can’t think of anything better than washing down good quality food with a great drink pairing. 

Sweet and savoury combinations seem to be getting ever more popular and I have to say I’m a big fan. Union Waffles is your place to go if you fancy some of the same. 
The Buffalo farm is perfect if you are a meat lover. The company from Fife have an array of meaty options for you to get your teeth into. 

For dessert there is Equi’s ice cream, I had the Isle of Skye Sea Salt and Caramel and I just about died and gone to heaven it’s so lovely – again sweet and savoury combinations! There’s loads of flavours to choose from and lots of interesting toppings too, whether you want a cone or cup.

Handmade cupcakes, cake pops and truffles are just a few of the tasty treats that Designer Cakes by Paige have to offer. I was so full that I had to take my cupcake home and I was given a wee cupcake container to do so. I had the Salted Caramel and Pretzel cupcake (are you sensing a theme here) that I had the next day with a cup of tea and it was beautiful!

Taste Buchanan is a partnership between Streetdots (a business founded in Scotland) and Land Securities owned – Buchanan Galleries. All the businesses are Scottish, some starting out for the very first time and some coming from market trading or established shops. As someone who teaches the next generation but also is in love with food, I am so inspired by what is going on at Taste Buchanan. Check it our for yourself open Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm and 11am – 6pm on Sunday’s.

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