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Cup Tea Lounge is the kind of place you meet your best friend for a pot of delicious hand blended loose leaf tea and the most scrumptious of cupcakes on a chilled-out Sunday afternoon. Originating in Glasgow, I made my first visit to Cup in September of last year, a few months after its opening, and I have been a repeat customer ever since.

Transforming into trendy Gin 71 in the evenings with a select dinner menu and enough variety of gins to keep you occupied, Cup serves all the hand blended loose leaf tea’s you can think of as well as every girl’s favourite weekend indulgences from prosecco to cocktails in teapots!

On my first visit I went with my boyfriend’s mum and sister and I was more inclined for a lunch which I didn’t have high expectations of with it being primarily a tea and cupcake venture. How wrong was I? I had a delicious croque-Monsieur with side salad and a tasty dressing as well as a ‘cup’ of soup which I thought was the perfect portion and a nice touch to accompany my sandwich. The others ordered tablet cupcakes and a salted caramel macaron.

There are so many cupcakes to choose from and they are on display as you enter the very welcoming premises, so you are already deciding on which one you want as you are taken to your seat. The place is buzzing with ladies out for afternoon tea and it’s perfectly located just off Princes Street on South Charlotte street for a break in-between shopping. I hope to go for the afternoon tea experience soon!

However, tea really is the star of the show and as a self-confessed tea Jenny, I really fell in love with their tea selection. I’ve tried their coconut cream tea and their Tahitian vanilla and both were a dream in a cup. You receive a timer that stops after approximately 4 minutes so you know when the tea is ready to be poured. It’s lovely to wile away the time chatting with friends or on a date, while topping up your cup with your own personal tea pot. All the obvious alternatives are available with a selection of coffees and ‘normal’ tea but I urge you to get out of your comfort zone and try one of these deliciously hand blended teas. Needless to say I’ll be back to Cup soon.

Cup Tea Lounge website 

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