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I was recommended to head to Fish Lane pretty early on after my arrival in Brisbane. When I asked where I should try on Fish Lane, Julius Pizzeria keep coming up again and again. So it’s only taken me 6 months, but tonight was the night I decided to find out what all the fuss was about and I was hungry!We arrived at about 7pm on a Friday evening and there was a small queue forming outside the restaurant. We were told that it could be up to a half an hour wait so they took our number and said they’d call us when our table was ready. We headed over the road to Hello Please for a couple of drinks, waiting in anticipation.

Our call came about 15 minutes into our drinks so we finished up and scampered across the road. We were seated quite close to the door and the place was full of people revelling in the Friday night vibes at the bar and at neighbouring tables. I really wanted pizza and I was spoilt for choice on the menu. The Tartufo was just too good to pass up though, it had all my favourite things on it – smoked bacon, portobello mushrooms, mozzarella & stracchino cheese and truffle paste! I practically inhaled my pizza it was so good!

Gavin said that he fancied something spicy so he opted for the Salsiccia – Chilli, pork & fennel sausage with rocket leaves. I managed to nab a taste and I thought it was the perfect spiciness, sometimes spicy pizzas blow your head off and that’s all you can taste but with the hint of chilli, I appreciated the spiciness and the other tasty toppings which gave it a great balance of flavours.

We ordered a Peroni and a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, while the wait staff kept topping us up with water.

It was a bit of an in and out experience, I was hungry and Julius certainly satisfied that hunger. Maybe next time I’d like to get into the thick of it a bit more, have a drink at the bar and sit a bit more deeper into the restaurant and enjoy the ambience. I’d definitely go back though and can honestly say it’s the best Brisbane pizza that I’ve ever tasted!

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