Culross | Tuggy Tucks In

On first glimpse of Culross (pronounced Coo-riss), you are immediately transported back in time, the cobbled streets, cute cottages and, what feels like, secret alleyways make this enchanted little town a memorable day out.

It was May 2019 that we headed here on an impromptu Saturday and it’s left memories with me ever since. A lot of people become familiar with Culross as a filming location for Outlander. The town is steeped in history, witches were tried and awaited their fate in the Town House. The mustard yellow Culross Palace is the focal point of the town, built in the 16th Century, regrettably we didn’t go in but all the more excuse to return in the future.

We walked along the tiny wooden pier, once an active harbour town, the monks would transport stone quarried at Culross, across the River Forth. We explored all the nooks and crannies around the town, we were intrigued by a railway line right by the sea which we followed from the car park into the centre of the town. Having done some research it seems that the last passenger train to have run on the line was back in 1930 with the line being used thereafter for freight trains taking coal to the Longannet power station near Kincardine, which is now closed. I had read that there were plans for a ‘Forth Circle’ rail route but I’m not sure if anything has come of that.

We were hungry when we first arrived so we had lunch in Bessie’s Cafe, a fantastic setting in the building next to and which looks exactly the same as the palace with a quaint courtyard with seating. We weren’t lucky enough to get a seat outside for lunch so we went back later for coffee and cake, there’s a vast selection to choose from.

Culross Palace

I’m looking forward to spending a care-free day in Culross very soon, coffee and cake in hand of course.

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