Scrambled Eggs | Tuggy Tucks In

Post gym my body is craving protein so here’s a little something that is so easy to rustle up. I sliced and froze a bloomer of bread a few weeks ago so it’s so handy for toasting at any point. I tend to add whatever I have in the fridge into my scrambled egg mixture, today I had some double cream, dairylea and crème fraîche (you’ll notice they are all light versions to reduce the fat content) sometimes I add a knob of butter and some skimmed milk if that’s all I have.

Scrambled eggs – I crack two eggs, a teaspoon of dairylea and crème fraîche , a splash of double cream, pinch of salt & pepper for seasoning then beat it altogether with a silicone whisk or fork. Meanwhile, score your cherry tomatoes with a vegetable knife and grill or roast the tomatoes (you can add a splash of oil if you like). 

I like making my scrambled eggs in the microwave, I personally think it’s the best way, as childhood memories of my mum making it in a frying pan that was not non-stick resulted in black bits from the pan in my scrambled egg (don’t tell her I said that)! I start by putting the egg mixture into the microwave for 30 seconds (remember and use a microwaveable bowl) then the time becomes less and less as I beat with the whisk between pings. I like my scrambled eggs a little runny so I stop at that point before they become rubbery but I know some people prefer them drier. Make sure to give it a good beaten each time so that it is more scrambled egg like than omelette. 

And voilà, add some cooked ham, place everything on the plate to your liking (go without the ham if you’re veggie and crack another egg into the mix for a bigger portion). Sprinkle of black pepper on top and you have a dish perfect post gym, full of protein, iron, vitamin C, carbohydrate, and calcium. Yum! 

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