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Sirloin steak with bone marrow gravy, Mac ‘n’ cheese, crispy onion rings & dripping chips

It comes as no surprise to me that the Leith Chop House on Constitution Street is expanding after less than a year with their new premises in Market Street in trendy new establishment ‘The Arches‘ on 11th August 2016. I’ve been wanting to go here since it opened and I always found myself booking too late to get a table. Luckily I was invited along to celebrate a birthday and the booking was made about a month in advance. 

Sourcing the best quality meat in order to provide a top quality product is at the heart of what Chop House do. The meat is sourced from a borders butcher and dry aged and butchered onsite for 35 days to obtain the very best flavour and texture whereas most competitors only do so for about 26 days.

The staff are very friendly and knowledgable, more than one of them talked us through the fact that some of the starters were priced per item so you had the option to order say as many tempura prawns as you wanted or make up a sharing platter for instance. We were informed about the different cuts of meat – the leanness and tenderness of the Chateaubriand, the Porthouse cooked on the bone which is part sirloin, part fillet, part rump and the Bone-in Rib which is bursting with flavour. These 3 are sharing platters you can choose from. Otherwise you can order steaks individually which are accompanied by a sauce of your choice then the sides you fancy are extra which allows you to make up your perfect steak combination. There’s a also a reasonably priced burger option as well as lobster and a few other non-steak items.

The top one is the sirloin steak, the steak I had, suitably accompanied with a bone marrow gravy – I wanted a Mac ‘n’ cheese side so I didn’t particularly want a creamy steak sauce as well, normally peppercorn is my go to, which someone else had so I managed to steal a taste! The bottom steak is the Rib-Eye accompanied with the butteriness of the béarnaise sauce. 

Both the above steaks are fillet but the top one was butterflied (cut in half) as the diner wanted a well-done steak and hence halving it allowed it to cook quicker so that all our food could come out together on time. The waitress that served us checked that that was ok to do first of all. The top steak is with the chimmichurri sauce, an Argentinian slightly spicy sauce made up of minced garlic, oregano and jalapeños that I’ve mentioned before when I went to Ranchos Steak House. The bottom one is the peppercorn of course with just the right balance of pepper and creaminess. 

Then came the sides, we had an array of summer greens, chilli slaw, Mac ‘n’ cheese, two lots of crispy onion rings and dripping chips to mix ‘n’ match. I can’t tell you how happy I felt eating my medium steak with tasty sides, the food was just magnificent, you pay for what you get here and you get it at the highest quality I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my dinner.

I should have stopped there, I was more than satisfied! We didn’t opt for starters thus the dessert menu made an appearance and I instantly fell in love with the description of sticky toffee pudding and I gave into temptation.

On top we have the sticky toffee slavered in toffee sauce and a dollop of pecan ice cream. There was also the moreish soft chocolate brownie with burnt marmalade mascarpone as an accompaniment. The table ordered a combination of these desserts and it just about finished me off. We had a mix of cappuccinos and Americanos to finish up. After two hours I had one of the best feeds I have had in a long time. I went home and went to bed! Chop House had ended me, that doesn’t mean to say I won’t be checking out the Market Street location. They also do a good few midweek deals – 2 rump steaks and 2 sides for £25 on a Wednesday and bring your own bottle Monday / Tuesday with £5 corkage. 

Their drink selection is pretty good, I had some prosecco and also a lovely red wine to wash down my steak – there’s so many to choose from as well as an array of cocktails if that takes your fancy. I also got to try their lightly hopped summer ale. Chop House have teamed up with Glasgow brewer Drygate to produce some of their own ales. They’re not on sale outside Chop House but for £4.95 we got to take one home from the bar. 

Lots of lovely drinks to choose from.

I predict more Chop Houses’ in the future, I was blown away, a hefty good feed!

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