Egg Fried Rice | Tuggy Tucks In

A simple but satisfying recipe, egg fried rice is so versatile and easy to throw together. So much so you’ll see in my photos that I’ve used a few different ingredients when making this dish time and time again.

Ingredients for 2 people:

2 Eggs

2 Cloves of Garlic

4 Spring Onions

2 Large Carrots

75g Frozen Peas

200g Basmati Rice

45ml Soy Sauce

Approx 20ml Vegetable Oil

2 Small Chicken Breasts/Thighs (Optional)

This dish is so speedy to make that its perfect for a mid-week meal or do as I did and shun a takeaway when the weekly shop is overdue and use your cupboard/fridge essentials. I always have eggs in and once you’ve bought the soy sauce (I prefer reduced salt and you can get gluten-free versions) you can use it over and over again. As you can see from the middle photograph, I didn’t have any spring onions but I needed to use up my broccoli and red onion as well as a couple of carrots so I improvised and I think it tasted even better that time! A great recipe for mopping up any food that would otherwise go to waste! Also, feel free to play about with the quantities of ingredients as you may prefer a slightly smaller portion of rice, like 75g worth. I’m a person who loves leftovers for lunch, just be sure to cool the leftover cooked rice quickly and store in a refrigerator then reheat the rice properly until it’s steaming hot as rice can be a hot bed for food poisoning bacterium ‘Bacillus Cereus.’ Once reheated, you can add a little more soy sauce as it will probably have dried out a bit.


1. Dice the carrots, spring onions and broccoli (if using), crush or finely dice the garlic.

2. Half fill a medium pan with hot water and put on to boil or boil the kettle.

3. Cut your chicken to your preferred size, I like to cut it into small cubes.

4. Beat your eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt & pepper.

5. Boil the rice for approx 12 mins.

6. Gently heat a teaspoon of oil in a wok or large frying pan, add the chicken and cook until white all over and inside.

7. Set the chicken aside on some kitchen roll, add a touch more oil and gently heat and stir fry the veg for approx 5 mins, add the peas for the last 2 mins .

8. Either set aside the veg or in a separate frying pan, cook the egg to an omelette consistency then break up in the pan so it resembles dry scrambled egg.

9. Test and drain the rice and add the chicken, egg, veg and rice to the wok and mix it all around on a very low heat for approx 2 mins to heat through and so as the rice doesn’t stick.

10. Add the soy sauce and add a little more if you think it’s too dry.

11. Dish up your preferred portion size and tuck in!

I love this dish and hope you will too.

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