Woodlands Glencoe| Tuggy Tucks In

Romantic, luxurious, escapism; are just some of the words I’d use to describe my 2 nights at Woodlands Glencoe. I have thought twice about writing this post as with only 8 lodges they are somewhat a hidden gem that I want to keep all to myself because I enjoyed my time there so much! However I really must commend the family run business for their spectacular hospitality and therefore I am going to share with you how good a time I had there.

The owners think of everything to make your stay relaxed and comfortable and are always on the look out for more suggestions but to be honest I think they’ve covered all bases, they have different settings for mood lighting and a docking station for your desired playlist. On another note, you can also book in your doggy to join you on your escape.

A leisurely 2.5 hours from our home in Edinburgh, it was easy for us to get up to Glencoe after work on a Friday. The scenery is gobsmackingly beautiful and as we turned into The Dragon’s Tooth Golf Club where the wee lodges are hidden amongst the trees a few metres back from Loch Leven, I instantly felt relaxed. As we were going to be arriving after the manned reception hours, I’d been in contact with the staff there who were most helpful in instructing me about where I’d find my key and how to access our lodge. The clubhouse has a seating area where you can glance out at the breathtaking views of the loch whilst playing one of the many board games if that takes your fancy. The club house also does tea and cakes during the day.

As we opened the gate to the walkway to our wee lodge I couldn’t help feeling excited about my home for the next 2 nights, on route to the doorway we passed our hot tub bubbling away which is very privately situated so no one can peer in at you. The door way to the lodge looks out to the bubbling creek and the trickle of the water just oozes those relaxing sounds that I have to get on an app if I want it at home in the city. There was a wee table looking out to the creek and mountains overlooking the golf course where we could sit to eat. I had brought a homemade tikka masala to heat up for our first night as there is a microwave in the lodge and I knew we’d be a little tired after the drive.

We opened the door to find a complimentary bottle of Prosecco on ice which was really lovely and we saved that for the hot tub later on that evening, however we also brought our own bottle which fits perfectly in the small fridge. The room is thoughtfully laid out and makes the best use of space. The shower is over the toilet which sounds a bit random but it’s actually a really good shower and there’s a little cover for the loo roll to save it from getting wet!

The lodge comes with everything you need, there’s a kettle, plastic glasses for the hot tub, a tassimo coffee machine stocked with a plentiful supply of Costa coffee pods which is lovely to have when you’re just chilling reading a book or with your morning croissant. There’s some tablet that was replenished the next day for those of you like me with a sweet tooth. There’s plates and cutlery and all the mod cons you need if you do want to heat up food to eat in the lodge.

The hot tub was tremendous, it’s constantly bubbling away, you don’t have to do anything, it’s at the perfect temperature that can be turned up or down a few degrees if you desire. We had our complimentary bubbles with bubbles and we both felt so relaxed and private in our own space, it was definitely a highlight of the stay.

The next morning we awoke to find a picnic basket at our door filled with freshly baked giant croissants, a yummy pot of granola fruit and yoghurt as well as mini cream cheese, jams and butter and the biggest wedges of soft bread to toast to our liking. I felt like little red riding hood uncovering all the goodies in my cute little basket. Breakfast was idyllic beside the gurgling burn and glorious mountains.

We chose to play a round of golf on the Dragon’s Tooth 9 hole course. The weather was stunning, sun splitting the trees with a bit of an April breeze in the air. We had a lot of fun playing the course followed by a walk around the area discovering the most stunning bay beside our choice for dinner that evening at Loch Leven Hotel where we enjoyed the picturesque backdrop over a glass of wine & steak dinner.

We took a little bit of a detour on route back to Edinburgh, Oban is about a 40 or so minute drive away so we stopped to look at one of my favourite castles in Scotland, Castle Stalker before heading into Oban and a walk up McCaig’s Tower then off home via the stunning Scottish countryside.

I challenge anyone to come here and not fall in love with their partner all over again. I had the most perfect few days away in our very own luxury wee lodge, I could have quite happily stayed a lot longer and I’ll most certainly be back, though I think I’ve gone and spoilt it now for anywhere else I try and go for a romantic getaway as this one is going to be hard to beat!

A few pics of Oban above.

Woodlands Glencoe Website

Woodlands Glencoe Instagram

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