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As I type this I am having my very own little peanut party to myself. I’ve very kindly been gifted 4 pouches of organic peanuts to try by brand spanking new Edinburgh company Benchies.

On opening my package of peanuts I was instantly drawn to the brown hipster packaging with black and white writing. Dry roasted in Scotland is an immediate pull knowing I’m supporting a Scottish local business, especially post Covid, means a lot to me as a consumer. The food labelling on the back of the packaging is really clear, highlighting the vegan and organic status of the nuts as well as 100% recyclable packaging which is a massive plus point for when I’m purchasing a product. The pouches are re-sealable too which is really helpful to deter you from eating them all in one sitting, like I almost did last night with the Maple Syrup and Sugar Dust packet!

So who are Benchies? I started following them on Instagram and you should too! I had never heard of a Scottish peanut producer and why the hell not? It’s an awesome idea! My fiancé doesn’t like nuts (I know what a weirdo) so as a result I have definitely been depriving myself of nuts for far too long and would opt for a savoury snack like crisps instead, since it’s something that we both like. But nibbling on Scottish roasted peanuts is a game changer in my savoury snack of choice! Introducing Alex and Karina, husband and wife, from Russia living in beautiful Edinburgh, they have hit the nail on the head when they say that beer and peanuts are the perfect combination! On a mission to create healthy nuts omitting excess oil and creating lots of tasty flavours from sriracha chilli to salted caramel, their gourmet peanut selection is upping the game in the savoury snacks sector . They even have a ‘Peanutwiki’ on their website highlighting the nutritional benefits of their products including its high protein, dietary fibre and unsaturated (good) fat content.

So in a nutshell (ba boom boom) I love their nuts! The Maple Syrup and Sugar Dust grabbed my attention straight away, it made me think of tinker bell sprinkling her fairy dust and I just knew there was something magical about the combination of flavours and I wasn’t wrong. I munched my way through the pack last night whilst watching Netflix but equally these would be great for party nibbles, just the right amount of sweetness.

Next in line for my tastebuds to get tantalized by are the Chives and Sea Salt, the flecks of green through the nuts is so cool to see and the chive taste is so moreish I didn’t want to stop eating these, perfect for a dinner party warm up nibble with a glass of wine in hand.

The smoked sea salt, what a flavour. There’s so much yumminess about this product, how a peanut should be with the perfect balance of smokiness to saltiness.

Last but not least we have the Smoked Paprika roasted peanuts, it’s as if these two flavours were a match made in heaven, just make sure you have a drink to hand as the smokiness gets to you on the first bite and you’ll definitely keep reaching for more!

I am very pleased to have been asked to sample Benchies Organic Peanuts, it’s opened me back up to enjoying a snack again that I had long forgotten that I actually love! Not only that, by buying their products in future I get to support a new local Scottish business with sustainability at its heart.

Benchies Website

Benchies Instagram

*I was gifted a complimentary 4 pack of Benchies Organic Peanuts . All views are my own.

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