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Anyone who has read my previous post on KanKun sauces will know how much of a fan I am of them (see previous post). Not only do their sauces pack a punch in the flavour department, most of the sauces are free from nuts (always check allergy advice on the label), additives and gluten and suitable for vegetarians.

KanKun sauces are a creation by Rolando Cardenas, a Mexican native who now lives in England, he has essentially bottled his family’s recipe so that we can enjoy it with our families in our homes. 

The trademark luchador mask on the bottle links in Rolando’s love of wrestling with his love of authentic Mexican flavours – as a child in Mexico he and his brothers would dress up as Mexican wrestlers before sneaking into their grandmother’s kitchen for a taste of her fiery chipotle chilli sauce in order to give them the fighting power they needed! Just like the Aztec’s before them, they used the power of the chilli before going into battle. 


So it was time to dawn our masks and get KanKuntastic cooking! It was lunchtime and I wanted something simple but effective, full of flavour, tasty and that contained all the healthy nutrients by body craves.

I love wraps, they are so versatile and you can freeze them and they defrost within minutes – especially when heated in the microwave or oven. I grabbed a wrap and began spreading it with KanKun’s Medium spiced Mexican Marinade sauce. Now I know a marinade is designed to be coated on meat or vegetables for some time to allow the succulent juices to sink in but this sauce is great for spreading straight on to a wrap or bagel.


Next it was time for some veg prep. I had cherry tomatoes, spinach, and avocados at the ready so I simply halved then de-stoned the avocado and spooned out the flesh discarding the hard skin and I quartered the tomatoes roughly. I chose to wilt the spinach – which simply involves adding your desired amount to a small pot with approx a tablespoon or two of water and allowing it to simmer gently and the spinach begins to soften. In order to pack those nutrients, like Iron and folic acid in more however, I’d recommend simply washing the spinach and having the crunchy spinach leaves – I normally do that but fancied it a bit softer on this particular day.

If any of you guys follow me on Instagram  or Twitter you will know how much I enjoy making and devouring poached eggs! It’s a skill I learned later in life and one I pride myself on, I’m totally obsessed with eggs they are one of my favourite foods due to their versatility and tastiness! 

To make the perfect poached egg in my opinion, involves bringing approx half a pan of water to a simmer in either a frying pan or pot. I crack the egg into a bowl, I then add white vinegar and use a balloon whisk or fork to beat the water around gently to create a whirlpool. I then add the egg and allow the water to settle. If the egg isn’t fully covered I spoon over the water to cook the egg on top. I then allow it to poach for approx 5 mins – depending on how runny you like your egg and I love a runny yolk, it’s the best bit in my opinion!

I set all my vegetables over my KanKun spread of sauce and put the poached egg in pride of place in the middle and slit open the yolk, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and that’s lunch in 10 – 15 mins yum yum! 


KanKun Website 

KanKun Twitter 

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