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Gourmet porridge? I hear you ask, well yes, the absolutely most delicious porridge of its kind! It was my good friend Sophie over at Life with Clarity, that first mentioned Groats to me and her love for their porridge. Fortunately for me, I was then invited to Cafe Milk in Leith to try a combination of Graham’s gold full cream milk and Groats aphrodisiac porridge around Valentine’s Day and I’ve been desperate to consume their delicious porridge combinations ever since!

I first had to decide on what to drink, with this being a pop-up (only available until the end of May, so get there fast) they only have filter coffee on offer, accompanied with oat milk if you wish (I’m currently loving it in my coffee), there’s a selection of teas with free refills on both, and something that caught my eye, called kombucha. The lovely server explained to me that it was fermented tea and today’s flavour was orange and grapefruit. I had to try it! It was like starting the day with a mini mocktail, so refreshing with a subtle sour aftertaste, I loved it!

There’s a good amount of foodie choice here, but the porridge is the star of the show. As you can see from the above menu, there are loads of choices and each to me sounded equally tantalising. I sought advice from the friendly server again who pointed me in the direction of the seasonal selections. I thought the Pear and Cashew Maple sounded too good to pass up and I was delighted with my choice when it arrived. The pear was poached beautifully soft, with lots of crunchy textures of nuts on top. If Goldilocks were to come here she’d have died and gone to heaven!

The interior has a rustic feel to it, it feels quite hipster yet inviting with their beautiful big wooden table that encourages communal seating and their cute little window seat. It’s perfectly positioned in Stockbridge, on St Stephen’s Street just a few doors down from Starbucks. I got a little lost which seems really silly now! However I did get the chance to stroll down Edinburgh’s most instagrammable Street – Circus Lane.

Do your tastebuds a favour and get to Groats soon, however I’m in no doubt they will be popping up again in the future and I can see a more permanent place for them in Edinburgh, what they bring to the table is just so good!

Groats Instagram

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