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‘Ham It Up’ Bagel

Bross Bagels, I’d heard bits and pieces about them but hadn’t had the pleasure of getting around to tasting one myself. On a particularly starved day where I didn’t get lunch until 2:30pm, I was confronted with someone else’s Bross Bagel and I knew I had to get there immediately and shove a bagel in my mouth!

I turned up at the particularly hipster venue in Edinburgh’s seaside town of Portobello. Presented with quite a lot of choice of organic and kosher bagels, including veggie & vegan and even the type of bagel, they recommend which type of bagel to have with which filling combo, only as the lunchtime rush had subsided there was only poppy seed bagels left. I didn’t care I wasn’t fussy, in my hungry state I almost didn’t have pickles on my bagel which would have been a rookie mistake as I’m convinced their presence is partly to do with why I like them so much! After much a hangry debate in my head I selected the ‘Ham It Up’ bagel a combination of serrano ham, manchego cheese, pickles, red onion marmalade & mayo, it’s so delicious! I’ve since had the ‘Porkin’ Chick’ too which is stuffed with sliced chicken breast, chorizo, smoked applewood cheese, dill pickle, rocket & rock sauce. Also a good choice but I think ‘Ham It Up’ is my favourite that I’ve tasted so far, I keep going back to it!

‘Porkin’ Chick’ Bagel

No one has ever rushed to the beach quicker, and it wasn’t to build a sandcastle. I unwrapped my bagel and relished every bite, it was sensational and I proceeded to eat 4 bagels within 4 weeks of discovering Bross across their Portobello and West End (my local) Queensferry Street venues. My obsession has now been passed on to my other half since I introduced him to the bagel sensation. He’s proceeded to eat 2 in 2 weeks and we of course still need an excuse to visit the Leith store where their bakery is also located. The menu has different twists to it depending on your location in the city which I think brings an ingenious local touch for example you can get the ‘Porty’ in Porty – hot smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon, dill, cracked black pepper & posh pickles of course! There’s also some exciting news that Bross is an official food partner for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Gilded Ballon venues at the top of South College Street 10am – 1am, Rose Street Theatre Cafe and Chambers Street Patter Hoose 10am – 3pm, festival goers are in for a treat! If I was to predict the future, I’d love to see a Bross Bagels in South Queensferry, just so I can get to it in all corners of this fine city.

I have also sampled a breakfast bagel, ‘The Goy’ – Bacon, egg, latke (potato rösti) smoked applewood cheese & rock sauce, after a swim one morning, accompanied by a Bross Brew made with almond milk. The flavour combinations and the fact that the bagels are packed full make it a great go to for brunch or lunch. I love how niche the product is and how it’s Montreal founder ‘Mama Bross’ has put bagels on the Burgh’s map.

Bross Bagels Website

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