The Roastery Cafe | Tuggy Tucks In

Being brand new to Brisbane, it was time to make some friends and what better way to do that than over brunch! I had joined Girlcrew Brisbane on Facebook and a few girls had said they quite fancied getting together. One of the girls had suggested The Roastery Cafe and what a great suggestion it was. Continue reading

My perfect day in Edinburgh | Tuggy Tucks In

Balmoral hotel clock

I find it rare that I have a day where I get to totally please myself, without having to think about work, household tasks or pre-arranged plans. I used to be the kind of person up until about a year and a half ago where I’d have weekends planned in advance for weeks on end. I’ve come to loathe being too busy and instead I’d rather have more space to be spontaneous. I believe it’s really important to nurture and take care of myself by resting and allowing myself to get a little bit bored instead of running at a 100 mile an hour pace all the time.

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Second City Coffee


As an avid tea drinker, my love for coffee grew when I moved to New Zealand, those Kiwis are definitely serious about their coffee and so I became that way too! I love seeking out local artisan coffee shops in Edinburgh where I live. However I have never owned a coffee machine of my own so buying coffee beans and making a cup of fresh joe in the house is something I’ve never done. My mum however has just invested in a coffee maker so I hopped along to hers to try Second City Coffee and two of their coffee bean varieties that they have on offer.

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The Caffeine Drip

I love coffee and was in need of a breakout from my Starbucks rut. I sought out this place based on a recommendation from WOW247Edinburgh’s Twitter page.¬†The¬†Caffeine Drip is conveniently located In the west end not far from Shandwick place. My boyfriend works near here so we often frequent this area of the city for after work drinks at Indigo Yard or the The West Room, if only I’d known a few more steps down the road this little coffee gem was here. Continue reading