Red Bus Bistro 

What can be better than afternoon tea aboard a vintage red double decker bus on a sunny Saturday afternoon? The afternoon tea is available everyday apart from Mondays and there are two time slots – 12pm and 3pm. We went on the 12pm slot and I had bought the tickets for £22.50 each on, and I have seen the offer come up a few times since. You will pay £34.50 via their website so it’s a decent saving.

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Bubba Q 

I can only say good things about Bubba Q, I’m annoyed at myself for not taking photos of their beef brisket and pulled pork that I so happily got stuck into on my first visit. I had bought a voucher on old faithful, which I rely on to introduce me to all manner of new weird and wonderful experiences.

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My perfect day in Edinburgh | Tuggy Tucks In

Balmoral hotel clock

I find it rare that I have a day where I get to totally please myself, without having to think about work, household tasks or pre-arranged plans. I used to be the kind of person up until about a year and a half ago where I’d have weekends planned in advance for weeks on end. I’ve come to loathe being too busy and instead I’d rather have more space to be spontaneous. I believe it’s really important to nurture and take care of myself by resting and allowing myself to get a little bit bored instead of running at a 100 mile an hour pace all the time.

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Tuggy Turns 30 | Tuggy Tucks In 

Turning 30 seems like such a big milestone which I’ve been thinking about for the best part of 6 months since I decided to plan my first ever birthday party. I was never one for parties when turning 18 or 21 and now that I’m 30, I feel like I know enough people that I value in my life to fill a room. Since approaching 30 I feel I have come to terms with it. My twenties were pretty dam good and turning 20 seems like a lifetime ago in some respects. When I was 20 I moved to Liverpool for 2 months and worked and socialised, earning some of my best friends to this day. When I was a child I always thought 30 was super old, I remember my parents being in their thirties. I always thought by the time I was 30 I’d be married, with children, owning a house of my own. I have not achieved any of these things, neither do I want to by the time I’m 30, it almost feels like an achievement that I haven’t conformed to the norm but that’s just me and the way I wanted my life to play out.

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The Salisbury Arms | Tuggy Tucks In

Edinburgh’s south side is fast becoming a foodie haven and there’s a new and improved kid on the block. The Salisbury Arms is a recently renovated Georgian Gastropub with beautifully finished features inside and out. On entry to the main restaurant you are greeted with a cosy yet open dining area and your eyes are immediately drawn to the roaring fire which is the centre piece of the room.

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