Tuggy Turns 30 | Tuggy Tucks In 

Turning 30 seems like such a big milestone which I’ve been thinking about for the best part of 6 months since I decided to plan my first ever birthday party. I was never one for parties when turning 18 or 21 and now that I’m 30, I feel like I know enough people that I value in my life to fill a room. Since approaching 30 I feel I have come to terms with it. My twenties were pretty dam good and turning 20 seems like a lifetime ago in some respects. When I was 20 I moved to Liverpool for 2 months and worked and socialised, earning some of my best friends to this day. When I was a child I always thought 30 was super old, I remember my parents being in their thirties. I always thought by the time I was 30 I’d be married, with children, owning a house of my own. I have not achieved any of these things, neither do I want to by the time I’m 30, it almost feels like an achievement that I haven’t conformed to the norm but that’s just me and the way I wanted my life to play out.

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The Salisbury Arms | Tuggy Tucks In

Edinburgh’s south side is fast becoming a foodie haven and there’s a new and improved kid on the block. The Salisbury Arms is a recently renovated Georgian Gastropub with beautifully finished features inside and out. On entry to the main restaurant you are greeted with a cosy yet open dining area and your eyes are immediately drawn to the roaring fire which is the centre piece of the room.

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Nick Nairn’s Cook School

I am gushing over how good my Sunday has been. I received a very thoughtful Christmas present from my other half to attend a 3 hour cooking experience at Nick Nairn’s Cook School. Now as you all well know, I am a massive foodie and it felt great to be on the other side for a change – being the student instead of the teacher. However I don’t know much about Nick Nairn himself! So here’s what I’ve found out….

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The Jolly Botanist | Tuggy Tucks In 

You could describe The Jolly Botanist as my local, as it is a mere 200 metres from where I live and a stones throw from Haymarket train station and tram stop. With a classy but quirky Victorian-aged style, it is the perfect place for a gin and tonic with it being a gin bar stocking over 72 gins, so plenty to sample! However it stocks all of your other spirits you would expect from any other bar, as well as lagers, craft beers, wine, cocktails and prosecco. Great for a few weekend drinks or a couple of gin and tonics midweek, it also boasts a bit of space out front which is great on a sunny day for catching some rays compete with gin in hand. Continue reading

Heverlee at Sygn Bar | Tuggy Tucks In 

I was very fortunate this week past to be invited to a Belgian beer tasting event in the name of Heverlee beer at Sygn Bar where I got to sample an array of beer native to Belgium and some delicious fare from Sygn.
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